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This site is dedicated to bringing you together with the best diy and home improvement materials and techniques that are available today. We can do diy together and share our experiences, hopefully you will learn new techniques that can be put to good use and can be used to improve the quality of your home or can be used to save money.

Do You Want Your Child to Like You?

Of course we want our kids to like us! As humans we desire connection and validation. So how do we get them to like us without getting walked all over and losing control or being a door mat?

Do you ever back down and give in because you think that your kid won’t like you? Is it hard to be the “bad” guy? Or after you correct or discipline your child, do you feel guilty and take back the consequence?

Do you sense that something is not right with your child, but you are afraid to bring it up because you dread starting WWIII?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then join the ranks of hundreds of parents that I have been talking with with. Parents are scared that their kids will stop talking, sharing, spending time with them. So parents go out of their way to be “overly hip, or cool towards their kids.”

Your kids see right through you and they have you over a barrel…You were a kid not long ago…think back to when you had Or didn’t have your parent twisted around your finger.

You will find this hard to believe but keep reading what happened to me today:

Just this morning, while coaching a couple about parenting their two young children, The Dad shared “I used to be the easy one, I wanted my kids to like me…now I realize as I have used your methods and am now on top of my discipline…that my kids are liking, respecting and loving me more than before!”

Seem strange? It is, but I will tell you why.

=> Kids want structure.

=> They want to know the rules.

=> They want to know the consequences.

=> They want you to follow through.

=> They want you to supervise them and set limits.

=> Because it makes them feel safe.

=> In their eyes you look predictable and in control.

=> It takes the guess work out of “Oh, know what is going to happen to me when my Mom or Dad find out what I did?

=> It is reassuring and relieves anxiety.

Did you ever think that consistent, no nonsense discipline could be that beneficial? The more parents I speak with and the more families I meet this is what I see: The families that are functioning the best are the ones that have clear rules and expectations that are tied to consequences that are logical to the issue. These parents are consistent, do not back down and command respect from their kids.

And guess what? These kids do not hate their parents. The love and respect their parents because they really know that their parents are working hard to teach them what they need to know in this new complicated world that we live in.

So stop worrying about whether your kids will like you and give them what they need: You to be on 100% of the time calling them on their misbehavior.

* Keys to Happiness *

1. Know that if you do not live within the scope of today, your thoughts will be scattered, your affairs will become confused, and your anxiety will increase.
2. Forget the past and all that it contained. Being absorbed in things that are past and gone is sheer lunacy.
3. Do not be preoccupied with the future because the future is in the world of the Unseen; do not let it bother you until it comes.
4. Do not be shaken by criticism; instead, be firm. Be sure that in proportion to your worth, the level of people’s criticism rises. Also, make good use of criticism in discovering your shortcomings and faults, and let it drive you toward self-improvement.
5. Have certain faith in Allah the Almighty and perform good deeds; these are the ingredients that makeup a good and happy life.
6. If you desire peace, tranquility, and comfort, you can find it all in the remembrance of Allah the Almighty “God”.
7. You should know with certainty that everything that happens occurs in accordance with divine decree.
8. Do not expect gratitude from anyone.
9. Train yourself to be prepared for the worst eventuality.
10. Perhaps what has happened is in your best interest, even though you may not comprehend how that can be so.
11. Everything that is decreed for the believer is best for him.
12. Enumerate the blessings of Allah the Almighty “God” and be thankful for them.
13. You are better off than many others.
14. Relief comes from one hour to the next. Indeed, with each difficulty there is relief.
15. In both times of hardship and ease, one should turn to supplication and prayer, either patiently contented or thankful.
16. Calamities should strengthen your heart and reshape your outlook in a positive way.
17. Do not let trivialities be the cause of your destruction.
18. Always remember that your Lord is Oft-Forgiving.
19. Assume an easy-going attitude and avoid anger.
20. Life is bread, water, and shade; so do not be perturbed by a lack of any other material thing
21. Most evil that is supposed to happen never occurs.
22. Look at those who have more afflictions and be grateful that you have less.
23. Bear in mind the fact that Allah the Almighty “God” loves those who endure trials with steadfastness, so seek to be one of them.
24. Constantly repeat those supplications that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) taught us to say during times of hardship.
25. Work hard at something that is productive, and cast off idleness.
26. Do not spread rumors and do not listen to them. If you hear a rumor inadvertently, do not believe it.
27. Know that your malice and your striving to seek revenge are much more harmful to your health than they are to your antagonist.
28. the hardships that befall you atone for your sins, if you show patience.

“I wish those tips can help all of you to become happy”

150-Million Year Old Baby Bird Fossil/ W Hide Scraper!

I was using my metal detector in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona. As luck would have it, I never find what I am Seeking. As the day started to come to an end. I was walking back to my truck with the metal detector resting on my shoulder.

I caught sight of an unusual looking rock laying on the ground. After picking up the rock I dusted the rock on my pant leg and noticed a fossilized baby bird just off center of the stone. I turned the stone over to reveal more of the bird's body on the back of the stone.

After showing the bird off to some of my friends, I decided to take the stone to the University of Arizona. I wanted to learn more about what I had found.

My first stop at the U of A was at the American History Museum. I was told to take my stone to the Paleontology Department across the lawn in front of where I was. When I got there I saw a professor in his office. I asked him if I could talk to a Paleontologist. He asked why, so I handed him the stone and preceded to tell him how I had found the stone. His eyes got big with excitement as he examined the stone while we walking down the hallway to another office. Soon theirs were several professor and people looking at the stone in awe over my good fortune. As they talked, I listened.

The rock I found was secondary sedimentary solidified black limestone. Which is not indigenous to this area. I was told the rock could have come from Canada, Montana, Kansas, China, or even from South America.

The baby bird fossil was 150 million years old. This period in time is when birds evolved from reptiles. Another professor pointed out to me other inclusions that were in the stone like plant matter, twigs, and other foreign objects not identifiable to him. A professor stated that there was proof that this rock was found on the top of the ground the impact marks etched into the rock as the rain hit the front of the stone for thousands of years while it lay on top of the ground. The marks were small circular pockets about the size of a pencil eraser grouped together. It was also mentioned that there was once other bones near the chest of the bird that had fallen out over time but the imprint of the bones are still visible. They could not identify the species of bird, as there is nothing on record, to compare it to.

I was asked by one of the professors if I wouldn't mind waiting for one more professor who was still in class to come see the stone. He stated that this professor was part of their group and they wanted his opinion of the stone.

As he approached, I handed him, the stone. He looked at it for a moment and stated that this stone was an artifact that had been carved by primitive man into a tool used to scrape the flesh away from the hide of game killed for food. It turned out that this mans background is in the field of Archeology. A silence fell on the people gathered we listened to information being given about this rare find.

The archeologist asked one of the professors if he could borrow his microscope to look at the stone more in depth. The group moved down the hall to a small office where we entered. As I stood by his side, he examined the stone and stated that there were glassy areas on the sharp edge around the stone that were not visible to the naked eye. He said that the tendons and ligaments had polished parts of the stone while being used. He also stated that the hide scraper was in mint condition and had hardly been used. He went on to say that most hide scrappers that we see today in museums are small ovals that are badly worn due to their use, and then discarded when they become too small and useless. He also said that he had never seen a slightly used hide scraper before.

He made mention that he wished he knew what group of people had carved the hide scraper. He thought that person who carved the stone might possibly be the first person to be recorded or documented as the first person to be a collector of fossils. He also said that these primitive people were farmers, artists, traders much like the people of today.

He also stated that the position of the bird and the way it was hand carved into a tool to portrayed the bird in such a manner that this item would be considered true fossil art.

After things started to wind down, I felt as several people like me, were in every sense of the word in awe over what this man had to share with us. One of the questions I asked was how much was this unique item I had found worth? The answer was that this artifact with a fossil inside of it had never been seen, documented or recorded anywhere in the world. So because there was nothing to compare it to, this item would be considered priceless.

As people were leaving, a young lady, still full of excitement, that if she was me, I should take a picture of the hide scraper and put it on the internet, and said that I should put a price of 20 million dollars, being that there is only one of these unique hide scrapers in the world. The chances of finding anything like it again are probably one in a trillion.

To date I am the only one in the world that has found anything like this ever. Owning this rare Jewel is overwhelming and too great for any one person to own, so I would like to share my enthusiasm with you and your friends.

If you need more information about this topic, please call me at area code: 520-749-1105 or e-mail smontes@scientist.com and ask for Steve at Montes Orthopedic 520-512-0228

17 Ways to Determine if a Beanie Baby is Counterfeit

You should always buy Ty Beanie Babies from reputable dealers or from sellers who you know how to contact. These dealers and sellers should also have many references and/or feedback from other people they have done business with.

Most counterfeit Beanie Babies are easy to spot if you know what to look for. If you don't know what to look for then you will probably have a hard time telling most counterfeit Beanie Babies from authentic Ty Beanie Babies.

Beanie Baby shows are a good place to check out expensive Beanie Babies. Try to handle them if you can. Get to know the feel of the fabric and their overall appearance.

Some counterfeits are excellent reproductions, but regardless of how good the counterfeits look, they usually have many mistakes. It is never just one mistake.

If you are buying expensive Beanie Babies, then you should educate yourself on the counterfeits or at least know where to find the information when you need it.

Here are two websites that have information on counterfeit Beanie Babies along with photographs of many of them:

About Beanies Counterfeit Information http://www.aboutbeanies.com/fakes/index.html

Ms. Janie's Beanies Counterfeit Page http://www.msjanie.com/fakes/fake_page.html

Your other option is to have the Beanie Baby authenticated which is inexpensive to do. You can get your Beanie Babies authenticated at these websites:



Most of the mistakes on the counterfeits can be found on the tags. Become familiar with the different generation hang tags and tush tags or know where to look to find this information.

You can find information and photographs of all the different generation hang tags Ty has produced here: http://www.aboutbeanies.com/tags.html

Below are 17 ways to determine if a Beanie Baby is counterfeit:

  1. Many of the counterfeits have spelling errors on the tags, but keep in mind that so do some of the authentic Ty Beanie Babies. So you usually have to look for other mistakes beside just this.

  2. Check the tag dates and the addresses to make sure they are correct. Many of the counterfeits have the wrong date on the tush tag.

  3. Compare the tags of the suspect Beanie Baby with the tags of another Ty Beanie Baby that you know to be authentic.

  4. Is the type on the tags too light or too dark? Is it the right typeface?

  5. Compare the tags to an authentic Ty Beanie Baby's tags and determine if the tags are smaller or larger than the authentic tags.

  6. Compare the stock color inside the hang tag to another hang tag. Is it too white? Authentic tags have an off-white color.

  7. Are the color of the hang tags identical? Or does the red and yellow on the hang tag look muted or too light or too dark? The hang tag should be blue red and not orange red.

  8. The yellow star on the hang tag should be a bright sunshine yellow, not a mustard color.

  9. Some of the counterfeit Beanie Babies have a yellow star on their hang tag that have points that are too “pointy.” The points of authentic hang tag stars are slightly rounded.

  10. Check the gold edge on the hang tag. It should have a nice clean line and be a light bright gold color. It shouldn't be brassy.

  11. Check the overall size and shape of the Beanie. Some of the counterfeit Ty teddy bears have ears that are either too small or too large or perhaps the legs or arms are too short or are shaped strangely.

  12. Is the teddy bear's head too large or overstuffed?

  13. Check the eyes to see if they are too close together or too big or too small.

  14. Are the eyes a solid color? Some Beanie Baby eyes are a solid color and some are not. Humphrey the camel has solid black eyes but most of the counterfeit Humphrey have eyes that are two-tone.

  15. Check the fabric and see if it is rough or if the color is too dark or too light.

  16. Does the fabric nap look right? Is the fabric rough, stiff or the wrong color?

  17. Most authentic Beanies have nice plush fabric that “flows” in all directions and doesn't get “wrinkly.”

One place you should avoid buying expensive Beanie Babies that are not authenticated, is online auctions like eBay. Odds are that if you buy enough of these expensive Beanie Babies that are not authenticated, that you will eventually end up buying some that are counterfeit.

You have permission to use this article on your website or in your newsletter, but you must include the resource box along with an active link for the BarrysBeanies website URL address.

8 Simple Tips for Taking Great Baby Photos

Taking pictures of your new baby is a great way to preserve life long memories.
Baby pictures can also make great postcards, keepsakes, or baby shower gifts.
Here are some simple tips to get great baby pictures:
1) Avoid bright light - Babies are especially sensitive to bright light including
harsh sunlight and flash photography. If possible, try to take photos during
the day when flash photography is not necessary. You can also use lamps to create
2) Take pictures from different distances - Try to take pictures from different
distances. Most people like to take close-up pictures, but pictures that are
too close can be blurry and out of focus. By taking several pictures from different
distances, you can keep the ones that are the best.
3) Be aware of your baby's mood - Try not to start a photo session when your
baby is cranky or crying. If your baby is in a bad mood, then wait awhile until
he or she is better rested or calmed. You will get better pictures when your
baby is in good spirits.
4) Use a high quality camera and film - This tip may seem simple, but is worth
saying. Using high quality cameras and film can make a big difference in the
quality of the photo, especially if you are creating photo gifts or favors.

5) Get rid of any distractions - Make sure there are not too many distractions
when taking pictures. Anything that moves or makes noise, like the TV, should
be turned off is possible. Having too many people around can also be distracting
for the baby.
6) Take multiple shots - Taking different shots is a good idea for any type
of photography, particularly if you are making photo gifts. Sometimes it is
hard to tell if a shot will turn out good until it is actually produced, so
get those extra shots just in case.
7) Background - Make sure that there is not too much distracting stuff in the
background. The focus should be on the baby, so plain backgrounds usually work
8) Other people - Try taking pictures of the baby with other people as well,
including you. A baby will interact with other people and these interactions
captured on film can make great keepsakes.

Add Warmth To Your Baby Shower With Special Touches

Add Warmth To Your Baby Shower with Special Touches

When planning a baby shower it is often the special touches that add warmth to the celebration.
Not only can your shower run a little smoother, but your mom-to-be and guests will appreciate your

To add a festive touch, simply place helium balloons outside your front door to greet your guests and expectant mother. Another cute idea is to place a sign on the lawn advertising the upcoming arrival. You can find many adorable signs that can be either purchased or rented at party stores.

Decorating for a shower is always fun, but many people forget about the bathroom. Adding a scented candle, some special soap and lotions will add warmth to the room.

As your shower guests arrive, be sure to take the time to introduce them to one another. If you are putting together a seating arrangement, place people who know each other or have common interests together. This will help keep everyone comfortable and avoid the awkwardness that can sometimes happen when guests have never met.

Help make your expectant mom feel pampered and relaxed on the way to and from the baby shower. Arrange a designated driver to pick her up and drive her home.

Your expectant mom will want to remember her shower and have something to look back on. Ask a shower guest in advance to be the designated photographer. Have them take a picture of each guest with the expectant mom. You could take this idea a step further and after developing the pictures, place them in a keepsake photo album for your mom-to-be.

Another idea that your expectant mom will greatly appreciate is designating a gift recorder to keep track of who gave her which gift. With all the excitement and wrapping paper, she is bound to forget who gave which adorable sleeper or stuffed teddy bear. You could also take this idea further and create a shower game. As your guest arrive have each of them write their name and address on an envelope. Place the envelopes in a bowl for a draw during the shower. The name pulled will win a prize. In the meantime, your mom will have all her envelopes addressed and ready to mail once she has filled out her thank you cards.

Depending on the style or type of shower you are hosting, you may have the expectant dad and other male friends and relatives in attendance. If this is the case try to stay away from anything too frilly when picking your invitations. Look for gender-neutral decorations and party games.

A simply way to add warmth and closeness during a shower is to have each person come up and present their gift to the expectant mom. While she is unwrapping her gift she can introduce the gift-giver to the group and share a little story about how she knows them. This is a great way for everyone to get to know one another and perhaps even share some laughs over the stories being told.

You can let your expectant mom know how special she is to you and your guests by surprising her with a small keepsake from her shower. It can be something as simple as her invitation nicely framed for her to take home.

When you plan your next baby shower for a close friend or family member, keep these ideas in mind. They are simple ways to add warmth and love to your celebration.

Alternative Baby Clothing

Whoever coined the phrase that there is nothing new under the sun was clearly not expecting to see the latest trend in clothing for infants and toddlers. The members of the punk rock generation of the '80s are the parents of today and it seems that a good number of them chose to go the way of Peter Pan and simply refused to grow up. That is the only viable explanation for the aforementioned baby clothing trend: “alternative” baby wear. Parents are now able to dress their little Joeys and Siouxsies in all manner of punk-rock and biker inspired clothing designed to make even the most anti-social and anarchistic parents say, “Isn't he a cute little punk?”

Available at various specialty shops and a number of online retailers, these clothing items intended for infants and toddlers consist primarily of Tee shirts bearing slogans like “If you can read this. THE BIB FELL OFF!” and “Little Punker” colored in the requisite blacks, reds, and hot pinks. Many of these articles hail from the UK and are available in the US by mail order only. The panhandling punks of yesteryear must have a bit of cash saved up, however, at a UK site called The Rally Shack the aforementioned “bib” slogan shirt as well as a hot pink tee adorned with a pattern of skulls and crossbones that might look more fitting donning the chest of John Lydon or Iggy Pop sells for 10.00 (about $18.00 US) and is available in 6, 18, and 24 month sizes. Eighteen bucks is a pretty hefty price for a baby tee that is going to be spit up on and outgrown, but, with the number of these sites in business, there must be a market. A few other offerings follow.

The Kids Window

This UK based site offer US, UK, European, and world versions and sells traditional and alternative baby clothes. Of particular interest are the “Jolly Roger” skull and crossbones tees, “Head Banger” tees and “hoodies” bearing both legends and slogans. Prices range from about 12.00 to 16.99 (about $22.00-$31.00 US). Yes, your 6 month old can wear a hoodie! Just like Eminem!

Lucky L'il Devil

This American site has got to be seen to be believed. It offers everything you could want to turn your baby or toddler into a little hoodlum all under one convenient roof. In addition to the rock and pop culture inspired Tee shirts (personal favorites include the Betty Page tee, the Ramones homage tee that reads “Hey, Ho, Let's Go,” and the disturbingly humorous tee reading “333 - Halfway to Hell”), Lucky L'il Devil offers full outfits like apron dresses and leggings that bear images like the female silhouette familiar to truckers everywhere and slogan “Daddy Drinks Because I Cry.” Prices range from $17.00-$18.00 for tee shirts, $34.00-$36.00 for apron dresses, and $17.00 for leggings.

America's best - Graco baby products

If you have a new baby at your house you will acquire a bewildering array of baby products over the next few years. Graco baby products is one of the best known manufacturers of a wide variety of merchandise including Graco strollers, car seats, high chairs, play yards, safety gates in addition to the original product they started with in 1955, the baby swing from Graco baby products.

As a parent you will need to find quality manufacturers you can trust on a continual basis and Graco baby products, an American company, have been proven to be among the best over a time period spanning two generations. You can find a full line of Graco baby products featured on our product pages, including high chairs, safety gates, car seats, strollers, and much more.

No matter what your baby needs you can count on Graco baby products and our ability to provide them online with the least hassle and maximum peace of mind.