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Learning Tips for Students

Long ago, there was a time, when parents told children to read slowly and loudly to understand everything they read.

A lot of things have changed. Today’s children have bigger syllabi to learn. Now, learning experts and teachers ask students to read faster and grasp important points.

Here are a few tips for students who have a lot to learn, but very little time.

Make a Timetable

Your timetable should have separate time for eating, playing games, exercise, reading newspaper and study materials. You should not only make a timetable, but also should stick to it.

Give priority to leisure and games in the afternoon, but separate early morning time for studies. Make sure you read all the class notes before you go to bed.

While allotting time to different subjects, allot more time to difficult subjects. You need only less time for the subjects that are easier for you to learn.

Taking Notes

Taking notes is an important part of learning. You need to take lecture notes (classroom notes) and notes from your textbook.

- Go through the lessons on the day before your teacher would teach it in the class. This gives you an idea of what to expect.

- Write down important ideas as bullet points. One word or a phrase is enough to include an idea.

- Give prominence to important ideas by underlining them in your notes.

- Leave lot of space in each face of paper. This will help you add new points later.

- Organize your notes into separate files. Each subject should have a different file. Label the outer page of the file with name of the subject and your teacher. You should also neatly organize each file according to chapters and topics.

- Read the notes (important points) in the night, before going to bed. Read only once. This helps you memorize the lessons clearly.

- While taking notes from a book, label the name of the book and author. Also, note the page number next to your notes. It makes it easy for you to refer to the book three or six months later.

Reading Techniques

You need to read fast and grasp more things. Here are some pointers to fast reading.

- Note the name of the book and its author in the reading log.

- Take a quick look from cover to cover to identify the important chapters.

- Take a quick look over the chapter, identify the important points, and note them down.

- Read the lesson fast. To increase the speed of learning, pass your eyes through the top of the letters and not through the centre. For example, while reading, pass your eyes through the area where the dot above the letter i appears and not through the loop of the letter o.

- Don’t take notes while reading.

- Don’t go back to read a word or a sentence. If you don’t get the idea of the subject, you can come back to the sentence after you finish reading the chapter. Never look up a dictionary while in the middle of reading a chapter. Refer dictionary only if you don’t automatically understand the meaning of a word after finishing the paragraph and the chapter.

- Note down the points you remember. Now check if you have taken all the important points, with another fast reading.

How to increase memory

Try to understand completely what you read or hear.

Repeat what you hear or read in your mind.

Make notes of what you learn at school or read from books. A single word can help you remember a whole idea.

Give number to the points.

Don’t try to bring to memory all the things you have learned. Learn the technique of bringing to memory one thing at a time.

How to increase concentration

Mental concentration is important to memory and better learning.

Stick to your reading timetable. You should separate a specific place and specific time of the day for reading.

Sit erect. It increases your concentration.

Don’t allow disturbances like phone calls, music etc while reading.

Concentrate on the lessons you read. Don’t think about the next book you have to read while you are reading a book. A better way is to make an order of the books and lessons to read and arrange them in order before you start reading.

Immediately after reading a paragraph, try to recall the idea from that paragraph. This helps you concentrate more on your reading.

Ideal conditions for reading/learning

A silent location that you don’t use for sleeping, eating or leisure purposes is the most ideal condition for reading.

Install a fluorescent tube light in the reading room. This helps mild light to fall evenly all over the room. Don’t sit in the darkness while reading. If you use table lamp, arrange it towards your left if you are a right-hander.

Arrange the papers, pencils, boards and books on the table before you start reading.

Never try to read while you are tired or ill.

Eat healthy food rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fibres. Replace fast food, pizza, burger, chocolates, ice creams, etc with fresh fruits, whole grain food items (like chapatti), milk, fruit juices, etc.

Exercise daily. Swimming, cycling and jogging are good for students. Practise yoga. It increases concentration and willpower.

Don’t watch TV. Instead, play some games in the outdoors. While TV makes you dumb, the games make you smarter.

Read lot of books. Read classic stories, fables (like Aesop fables, Panchatantra stories, etc), etc. Don’t spend too much time on comic cartoons.

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Essay Writing for College Students

Essay writing has always been a part of academic life. However, essays are written even by people who belong to the non-academic world. The manner in which the essay is written will predict the writer’s knowledge on a certain topic. Essay writing demands certain basic skills on the part of the college student. An essay should be incorporated with good vocabulary, systematic argument and application of good ideas. Essay writing at the college level requires the right attitude. One needs to develop a system of note taking and carefully sorting the required reference source. This step can be considered as a stepping stone towards accomplishing a successful essay writing assignment. Following are some essay writing tips towards increasing your chances of winning your college scholarship essays.

1) Use your knowledge wisely:

Many applicants will be able to complete the essay writing assignment. However, only those who know to apply their wits while writing the essay in a proper manner will reach the goal of winning the college scholarship essay.

2) Package yourself uniquely:

You can increase the chances of winning the application process relating to essay writing by branding yourself. You need to learn the art of packaging yourself in your college scholarship essay. You can achieve this by making use of your smartness, thoughts and skills which can all act as plus points towards winning the college scholarship essay.

3) Be your own self:

A winning essay requires that special spark which creates interest within the reader. At the same time it should sound intellectual. Your essay needs to be unique from others and it is your original creativity that will justify your uniqueness of the concerned essay that you write.

4) Counter check your essay for spellings and grammar mistakes:

Just writing original stuff is not the only thing that is important in your essay writing assignment. You need to check your essay for any possible errors in grammar and spelling. You need to go through the entire essay and spot mistakes, if any. Unnecessary words can be eliminated from the paragraphs or you may also rewrite a sentence, if required. Ensure that your essay is error free.

5) Be your own essay writer:

These days you can easily get your essay written by others. You can do this by contacting various online sites who offer essay writing service. You may think that it’s an easy way of accomplishing the task of essay writing. However, one needs to know that sponsors would prefer to read something that is original and above all it is written by you alone.

Essay writing requires proper knowledge of the primary source of the subject that one needs to write on. Also, one needs to pay attention to the keyword that is mentioned within the task related assignment. Essay writing should involve a clear understanding of the concerned task. For example: You may me asked to analyze, discuss, compare, evaluate and illustrate. Based on the above points, you need to incorporate the above mentioned points and thereby be able to create a clear picture for your writing task.

Education and the Changing World

Teachers And The Teaching Profession

How important really is the teacher in the education sector? Many people rely heavily on the teacher at schools for the education of their children. At the same time, educational institutions also take pride of their teachers’ capabilities to impart knowledge on the youth. They invest heavily on recruiting the best teachers to be part of their staff. It seems, therefore, that these educators play a central role at schools and in the education sector, in general. In this article, the characteristics of a good teacher and his/her responsibilities will be discussed in an in-depth manner

Teachers are an integral part of a learning institution. You cannot find one school that has no teacher in its staff. Of course, it cannot be called a school if it does not have teachers. A teacher is a person who is responsible for conveying knowledge to the students to prepare the latter to become productive and competitive members of the society. As amply called, a teacher teaches the students on the relevant information, skills and experiences they need in accordance with the established curriculum.

A good teacher has the quality and capability of effectively conveying knowledge and wisdom to the students. This is important as the teachers are the trainers of the new generation of citizens, who will be the heirs to the society. It is the task of the teacher to train well and prepare the youth to face the challenges that will come upon them once they have graduated from school. A teacher has the responsibility of passing the knowledge from generations pass to the future caretakers of society. These tasks have been made greater by the development of society and the advancement of technology.

As society and technology progresses, the challenges that are facing the teachers are also becoming enormous. They must be able to cope with up with the rapidly advancing technology along with their teaching methods. At present, more and more students are hooked up with the Internet. Thousands of information, a number of which are harmful to the students, are posted on the web. This could prove detrimental on the learning process of the students. Teachers must be able to screen, or at least find a way to screen, these things or give clarifications on these unwanted information.

On the other hand, teachers can take advantage of the technological innovations. They can also use this technology to improve their teaching methods. If they are linked with other schools, they can use the convenience of the Internet to communicate with other teachers to share experiences, methods and information on effective teaching.

It can be said, therefore, that teachers are very important in the development of society. Without them, the passing of knowledge, accumulated from the past generations, to the new generation of caretakers of the society will not be possible. This responsibility bestowed upon their shoulders is an enormous task. The profession of teaching is one of the noblest professions in society. As the great philosopher Aristotle once said, there are only three true professionals in society; they are the lawyers, the doctors and the teachers.

Ideas for Teaching Space and the Solar System

The mere mention of space and the solar system causes some students to overflow with excitement, while others immediately begin fighting back tears of boredom. Oddly enough, the same thing happens to many teachers. The best way to keep everyone enthused and interested in space and solar system lessons is to put some creativity in the classroom.

Comprehensive Lesson
One creative idea for teaching space and the solar system is to incorporate the lessons into other subjects. The following are ideas for working the lesson into more than just science:

Math. Students can calculate their weight on other planets. This will help reinforce the planet names, teach them about the different gravities on other planets, and use math skills. Students can also divide into teams for math races. Instead of scoring points, they move their space shuttle closer to the destination planet. They can also start at Mercury and move all the way through the solar system, with the winning team being the one to get to the end first.

Reading. Students can read stories about space or that are set in space. There are many stories, fiction and non-fiction, at every grade level that can be used.

Writing. You can have students write poems or stories about space, the solar system, or specific planets. Creative writing could even involve writing from the perspective of someone from another planet visiting Earth for the first time.
Art. Students can draw or paint the planets. They can also make mobiles of the solar system or space collages.

Specific Ideas

More creative ideas for teaching space and the solar system include:

• You can kick off or wrap up the space and solar system lesson with a space-themed party. For drinks, you could serve Rocket-Fuel by either making red punch or buying ready-made fruit punch, or you could serve Tang, the “official” drink of astronauts. Astronaut ice cream and astronaut candy are readily available for purchase. You could also serve star-shaped cookies.

• Use fluorescent markers or paint to mark the stars of constellations on a bulletin board. Use string, chalk, or a light-colored marker to connect the stars into the shape of the constellation as you tell the students about it.

• A great math-related activity is to have students plot coordinates for constellations on graph paper. The teacher reads the plot points aloud, and students plot them. They finish by connecting the dots to form the constellation.

• One way to help students understand the size differences in the planets is to relate them to familiar objects. The following is a list of representations that work well: Mercury-a marble, Venus-a walnut, Earth-golf ball, Mars-acorn, Jupiter-basketball, Saturn-soccer ball, Uranus-softball, Neptune-grapefruit, Pluto-bean, Earth’s moon-raisin. These can also be used for size guides for paper maché planets, which can be made by teams of students.

In addition to these ideas, there are numerous online activities and computer-based games that for teaching space and the solar system. Space and solar system units offer an opportunity to include a great deal of fun and games in the learning process. Teachers who take advantage of that opportunity will have students who enjoy learning about space and the solar system.

Advantages of Online Education

Advantages of Online Education

Online education is defined as learning, training, degree program or credit-granting course, which is mainly delivered via the Internet or an Intranet. It is a method of redefining the method of study where people can educate themselves without boundaries of timing, attendance and travel difficulties. In online courses, the students and teachers can meet once or periodically in a physical setting for lectures, labs and exams. Overall, online education gives more emphasis on global interaction and the concept of latest knowledge expansion.

Advantages of Online Education

For online education, one needs a standard personal computer with an Internet connection. Many people with family and job responsibilities dont have time to attend the regular classroom studies and find online education beneficial. Online education includes many online courses and online degrees. Let’s discuss some of the advantages of online education.

People can opt for many online courses, in universities where the facility of online education is available. It is very helpful for students residing in remote places. One can study any course of his/her own choice offered by universities around the world, without the physical presence for that course. There is no need for relocation and hence, is cost saving.

Physically handicapped students can go for higher studies without worrying about traveling or being physically present for studies. Also, one can continue education at any stage and update himself with the latest knowledge through online education.

At present, many of the online universities are accredited by recognized educational bodies. Hence, the degrees offered by these universities are accepted all over the world and one can enroll in a top university within the comfort of home.

If somebody is looking for additional training for a better career prospect or promotion, then online education is the best option. It is the most convenient and flexible way of learning and updating one’s knowledge without disturbing the current job.

People can study at their own pace without any strict regulations; there are no class schedules and fixed timings and assignments. Only the quality of work is evaluated, not the speed or the appearance of the student. Even, people can interact online and discuss with the students, scholars, researchers, subject-matter experts and professors for any type of query or problems.

Another advantage of online education is that all the learning and training materials of the online course are archived. One can retrieve and use it anytime via mail or from the school’s website. If somebody has a doubt, he/she can communicate with the college or university through e-mail.

In addition to the above advantages, there are some disadvantages of online education. Student assessment and feedback is limited as compared to the traditional classroom programs. There may be problems about the validity of the degree assigned after completion of the course. In this case, one has to produce certain proofs such as copies of the course assignments and syllabi and most importantly, proof of the college or university’s accreditation. Since, most of the interaction of the teacher and student takes place via mail, sometimes, there may be chances that the student misses the instructor’s advice. Another disadvantage is non-availability of the course of study. Also, one should take care while choosing the online universities, as certain universities are better than the others.

A Glance at Online English Learning and Tutoring

Many English learners desire to enhance their skills and flair in English, however, due to tough work schedule it becomes quite difficult for them to attend classes locally, or to practice with native speakers physically. That’s where online English tutoring come in. Online English tutoring generally provides guidance of expert teachers using basic software programs.

What is Online English Tutoring?

Parents may try hard to get their child understand certain English principles or grammar rules. However, the parent may not be an expert tutor and may not have good knowledge in English. With heart-to-heart online English tutoring, a parent can depend solely on trained tutors to help their child learn English in the most suitable way.

Online English tutoring offers help with English using the World Wide Web, and come in several forms. It helps a learner to have personalized training by experienced teachers who can converse directly with the student over the Internet.

With personalized English tutoring online, a learner may log on for English tutoring sessions, and work with an assigned tutor in a direct way. Online English tutoring may sometimes demand high monthly fee for few sessions, however, some programs are quite cheap and can be pursued from home without any difficulty.

A great advantage of online English tutoring is that it may work for all grade levels, including high school, junior high school or elementary school English tutoring.

How to Start Online English Tutoring

There are several online English tutoring centers. You may apply for a tutor’s position at any one of them as you would have done with other jobs. You can also sign up and write your profile at other website to search for students.

Competition to teach online English courses in quite high. Hence, offer something that your students may not get locally.

Install an Internet telephony and instant messaging service on your PC or laptop. Start teaching through various instant messaging programs or through e-mail to attract students. You can talk on how to improve listening and speaking skills in English.

Start video conferencing with online English students. All you need is video conferencing software and a webcam. This will help you to have good rapport with your students.

Market your online English learning courses. Once you are established in the market, you will no longer need to look for students; students themselves will approach you to acquire knowledge and training on English.

As you look for the perfect online English tutoring, compare quality and prices of tutoring on offer. You might need to pay little extra for personalized tutoring; however, its worthy if it helps you to succeed in English. Look for services that may cater to your requirements with an evaluation of your best learning style.

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The Gap between Technical Writers and Non-technical Readers

The Gap between Technical Writers and Non-technical Readers

This is nothing new. There has always been a giant gap between technical writers who are trained to write in a fashion that is aimed at educating people about all the stuff that they are trying to convey to the readers. Hence, technical writers, like a lawyer, will have a huge problem writing for people like you and me. I have yet to meet a technical writer or someone in a very scientific industry write a very personal and easy-to-read blog! The last thing I want to read when I am surfing on the internet is to have to wade through all the weird techno words that just flies past my head.

That is why technical writers who are trained to write technical manuals everyday have to get accustomed to writing for normal people. This is not to say that people in a very technical job can never write a popular blog or make a living writing for a living or launch a freelance writing career…the learning curve is going to be a rather steep one.

I am standing on no one’s side on this because the frustration felt by a technical writer is very real. To feel the frustration, just imagine if you’re a doctor and you’re trying to start a blog aimed at educating everyday folks about the danger of using too much salt when they cook, it’s definitely not an easy task trying to simplify everything so that the readers can understand or at least take an idea or two with them before they click away from the website or blog.

Hence, the technical writer faces an incredible level of stress when writing on the Internet. I had the same problem because I used to write legal documents and letters on behalf of the bank that I was working for threatening a law suit or suggesting payment structures. And when I moved out and started my freelance writing career, I was frustrated. Thankfully, I am a fast learner and I sympathize with people who are in that position.

With the way the world is evolving right now with Information Technology taking over every corner of our lives except for when we’re sleeping (even THAT can become questionable on fine day. Who knows?), the gap between technical writers and non-technical readers will forever exist in this modern day and age unless there’s a go-between. The go-between would have to be someone who understands the technical part of the content and possess the skill of putting all those thoughts, ideas and advice into an article that common folks can understand and find useful.

Free Algebra

Getting free algebra help might not always be easy. Usually, friends and family will help out if possible but if they are not available or can’t do the homework problem, then other places have to be found. Many websites and places on the Internet offer free homework help online by providing math worksheets, formulas, practice tests and quizzes. One of the commonly used methods of getting help consists of posting an algebra problem on a blog, forum or message board. One of the problems of doing it this way is that the person who posted the homework problem may have to wait a long time before anyone answers. Another problem using this method is that the response may be inadequate. An example would be where an answer is posted but the means of obtaining the answer isn’t. Sometimes, an answer by itself is insufficient. What is really needed is the method of solving the math problem with an explanation of how it works. If the website provides feedback, however, then it might be possible to get a complete answer.

Sometimes, only a specific algebra topic needs to be explained. One area of algebra that many students seem to need help with homework is factoring. Unlike some other methods in algebra, factoring requires many steps. There is no simple math formula or equation that does factoring except for the quadratic formula and certain cubic functions. For example, there are special factoring formulas for certain polynomial configurations such as the perfect square, differences of squares and cubics.

The simplest factoring method for quadratic equations is grouping terms together in the polynomial and factoring out the common factors. This method can be fast but it doesn’t work for every polynomial. Another factoring method that works well is the trial method. This involves setting up the parenthesis and factoring the leading coefficient along with the constant. This method can be slow when there are coefficients with many factors. Also, it does not work for many polynomials. When there are a great number of factors then it is better to use a table to write down the factoring process. One column of the table can be for pairs of factors and another column can be for their sum. If the pairs of factors add up to the middle coefficient in the quadratic equation, then the right pair of factors have been found. Just like the previous factoring procedures, however, this method does not work for every polynomial.

There are two factoring methods that work for every quadratic equation. The first is called complete the square. The second one is based on completing the square for the standard or general form of a quadratic polynomial and results in a math formula called the quadratic formula. The first method, complete the square, involves adding a value to the quadratic equation on both sides to determine a perfect square trinomial on one side of the equation and a constant on the other side of the equation. Then the result is placed in factored form with the square root taken on both sides. With the quadratic formula, complete the square is already done and the only thing that remains to be done is to plug in the values of the constants and coefficients into the formula. These two procedures are used frequently in math because they can solve any quadratic equation. They can result in real or complex answers, however.

In addition to factoring, other important algebra skills include expanding a polynomial or quadratic equation in factored form. This is generally done through distribution. The Law of Distribution is an important rule that is used in all of math including algebra. A special form of distribution for quadratic expressions is called FOIL which means: First, Inside, Outside and Last.

Graphing linear equations is also required in algebra. A linear equation is a formula for a straight line. The linear equation includes the slope of the line as well as its intercept.

While many websites provide information in one form or another, the goal should be to understand algebra. This is accomplished by understanding the rules, definitions and formulas that are used. When searching for free algebra help, a website should be able to help in understanding as well as providing free homework answers or solutions.

Simple Biology Experiment Ideas for Kids

Simple Biology Experiment Ideas for Kids

Biology is a fascinating subject, however in order to get the students interested in this subject, you can make use of some simple home biology experiments. Usually, practical curriculum appeals more to students rather than boring extensive theory, which might seem difficult to understand. Science projects or science experiments are a great way to kindle a child’s interest in biology. In case, you are looking for some simple biology experiment ideas for kids at school or even at home, here are some suggestions to help you with the task:

Simple Biology Experiment Ideas for Kids

Biology experiments for kids need to be simple, in terms of the apparatus used as well as the concepts explained. Generally, you can start with experiments that deal with plants, flowers or observation of insects, soil samples, food samples and so on. Here are two simple biology experiment ideas for kids:

Biology Experiment #1 - Colored Flowers

This is a very simple and fun biology experiment, which will serve to teach the children about water absorption systems in plants.

Things you will need:

  • A cup of water
  • Food color
  • A flower with an intact stalk
  • Empty clean flask


  • First of all, mix the food color in the water. Make sure there are no lumps and the color dissolves completely in the water.
  • Now pour the colored water into the flask. Make sure that the flask is clean and doesn’t have any impurities on the surface.
  • Now, take the flowers (with intact stalks) and place them in the flask, so that half of the stalk is submerged under water.
  • Place the flask in the window, or any other place, which will provide sufficient sunlight for the plant.
  • Tell the children to observe the color of the flowers over a period of time.

What the children get to learn?

Plants need water for sustenance; this simple experiment demonstrates how water is absorbed through the stalks of the plants into the different parts like leaves as well as flowers.

Biology Experiment #2 - Observing Bacteria

Well, although the title might give a notion that the experiment is too advanced - it is not! It is a simple and easy experiment to introduce the children to some species of bacteria.

Things you will need:

  • A compound microscope
  • Yogurt
  • Clean empty cup
  • Water
  • Unused ink dropper
  • Glass slide
  • Cover slip


  • First of all, take a small quantity of yogurt (half a teaspoon) in the cup and add two teaspoons of water to it.
  • Mix the yogurt and water with a spoon, so as to create a homogenous suspension.
  • Using the ink dropper, place a drop of this yogurt suspension on a clean, sterilized glass slide. Make sure you don’t take more than a drop.
  • Place the cover slip on the drop of suspension. Now, the slide is ready to be observed under the microscope.
  • Now simply allow the children to observe the sample under the microscope.

What the children get to learn?

Usually the commercially manufactured yogurts include Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. You can tell the children about different types of bacteria and let them know that not all bacteria are harmful.