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“Muck-made Meyer: interview with Ken Meyer, producer of the Larry Glick Show

“Ken ‘Muck’ Meyer is the most famous radio talk show producer, ever,” says Dick Summer. “He was the best sidekick a talk host could hope to find,” says Dave Maynard, who spent 40 years on air at WBZ-AM. Steve Fredericks, on WMEX-AM, competed, in over nights, with WBZ-AM; Howard Lapides produced Fredericks and says of Meyer, “[He] played the key role, ‘Muck,’ that made the Glick show a hit.” Read the complete, compelling interview, with Ken Meyer, who made radio history making listeners happy.

The Puppeteer of TV Talk

His muse is “Howdy Doody,” the iconic, easygoing television character, aimed at children. Puppets that crack wise are his passion. His success lies in a surreal union of muse and passion. The Jerry Springer show is his winning creation. Revival of the game show, “I’ve Got a Secret,” with an all-gay panel, is his most inspired work. Creativity is joining unalike parts to ensure a flourishing unity. This is the rare gift of Burt Dubrow.

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Carly Simon: lush, lanky and litigative

A coffe-shop chain welches. Simon sues for $10 million. Did she sue because she’s vain? Does she believe welching isn’t the way it should be? Is she too sensual for the coffee-chain? Does she reveal her inspiration for “You’re So Vain”? Well, yes, in a way, she does. “Lush, Lanky and Litigative” is the newest, freshest, most thorough and up-to-date profile of Carly Simon, on the web. Click to read it now.

Pasty Cline: too talented for infamy

Patsy Cline, unlike other celebrities who died young, say Elvis, Jim Morrison or Janis Joplin, there are no souvenir shop or sobbing fans at her grave, only plastic flowers. Was Cline too talented for the infamy accorded other stars who died young?

Legendary DJ, Tim “Byrdman” Byrd: gives an in-depth interview

For 20 years, Byrd worked the top radio market in the USA: New York City. He worked VH-1, too, the favourite VJ of singers, Phil Collins and Carly Simon. The story of Tim “Byrdman” Byrd confirms talent and principle breed success.

Brian Linse: movie producer dishes on Hollyood

Famous, on-line, for sensible liberal blogging, off-line Brian Linse produces hit movies. His movies include, “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” (2007); “Callback” (2005) and “Den of Lions” (2003). In 2012, Disney releases “Tiny Dancer,” on which Linse is Executive Producer. Linse is no common blogger. His posts are astutely aware, his renown earned. There’s an implicit sense, in a Linse blog, that he ponders what others write and considers how he might take the debate forward. Linse produces movies as he blogs, with comity, calm and conviction. “Brian wants his movies to matter in 200 years,” says Neal Gumpel, the screenwriter. “Quality is his goal.” In this exclusive interview, Linse talks about movies and movie-making. He’s candid about Ethan Hawke and “Devil.” He readily reveals Hollywood secrets.


Tim Hallinan: rainy nights in Bangkok

exclusive, in-depth interview with novelist,Timothy Hallinan, author of the Bangkok Series, which includes “Breathing Water,” “The Fourth Watcher” and “A Nail through the Heart.” In the interview, Hallinan talks about writing, finding ideas, how characters develop and learning to finish a book.

Neal Gumpel: free falling and almost famous

He’s been a house painter, caterer, minister, restaurateur and fishmonger. He’s married to a super model and, now, he’s an A-list Hollywood screenwriter. Read about the remarkable life and success of Neal Gumpel.

funny drinking story

Funny story about the people from a party that got very drunk.