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Exotic Animals and Pets

Exotic Animals and Pets

Animals are wonderful companions to have as pets. An animal gives us unconditional love, which cannot be compared to anything else in this world! Dogs and cats are the obvious kind of domestic pets one would love to have around the house. When a dog gives a loving lick or a purring cat sits in your lap, the feeling is simply out of this world! However, there are many others who prefer to have exotic pets rather than the normal domestic species. These exotic animals and pets are generally domesticated either for the ‘fun’ element or probably to protect the species in case it is on the verge of extinction.

Exotic pets are those animals that are rather unusual to have as pets! This could include various species of reptiles or even rodents. There are many exotic pets that are not considered truly wild in nature. Many share a beautiful relationship with humans. Of course, it is always best an animal is bred in its natural environment. Therefore, there are many issues pertaining to the domestication of the exotic animals. For example; there are many laws that prohibit the sale of animals that belong to the big cat family. These laws are issued to moderate the sale of such ‘pets’ around the world. Domestic pets such as cats and dogs can adapt to various environments. However, there are many types of exotic animals that would need the perfect environment to be able to survive. Such exotic animals need proper care and diet so that they can have a healthy life. Here is a list of exotic animals, some of which are suitable as pets. This list includes animals that are unusual to have as pets as well as those that cannot be legally kept as pets.

Exotic Animals and Pets:

Cockatoo: The Cockatoo is an exotic species of birds that share quite a few similarities with parrots. All of these are a protected species.

Cockatiel: This is a small version of the Cockatoo. These are native to Australia.

Guinea Pigs: This rodent is native to the Andes. They need to be handled well to make good pets.

Hamsters: The Golden Hamster is one of the best species of hamsters one can have as pets. However, in Australia, it is illegal to breed hamsters.

Gerbil: This rodent is also known as the Desert Rat. One can find a big variety of gerbils in pet stores that are bred selectively.

Fancy Rats: This rat is a different version of the brown rat. They have many different colorings for the coat.

African Dormice: This little pet is almost like a squirrel. Generally, Dormice should always be kept in groups.

Prairie Dog: The Prairie Dog is native to the grasslands of North America. Because many of these animals are captured for exotic pet trade, it can be illegal in the United States to have it as a pet.

Flying Squirrels: The Flying Squirrels do not actually fly but glide. These are often bred in captivity and have been kept as pets since the US colonial Era.

Chinchillas: Chinchillas are cute little furry creatures that are rather rabbit-like in nature. Chinchillas do not like being held as pets but they do show an attachment to their owners. They need ample space to move around, as they are very active animals. You would need to create a mountainous sort of environment to make them feel at home.

Degu: This animal is related to the Chinchillas. Degus are growing in popularity as pets and one would need to provide it with a suitable environment so that is feels comfortable at home.

Ferrets: Ferrets are mostly found in New Zealand. Initially, ferrets were kept as exotic pets by celebrities. They need to be trained at a young age. In the recent times however, there is a restriction in terms of keeping ferrets as pets.

Wolves: Wolves are also surprisingly on the list of exotic animals and pets. The wolf-dog hybrid is a subspecies of this category. However, it has always been a matter of great debate to have wolves as pets!

Foxes: Foxes also feature on this list of exotic pets! Well, the Fennec Fox is the only species of this category that can be considered to be ‘safe’ as pets. These active animals need plenty of space to move around. There are many legal issues when it comes to owing a Fennec Fox.

Kinkajou: These playful animals are often kept as pets. These are now a protected species.

Raccoons: Raccoons are not usually considered ideal to have as pets, therefore, there are many countries where this may be prohibited. In some areas, one would need to have a special permit to keep a raccoon as an exotic pet.

Wallaroo: This closely resembles a combination of a kangaroo and a wallaby. Most Wallaroos display some typical traits to the earlier mentioned species.

Skunks: A pet skunk is definitely a rare pet but does belong to the list of exotic pets. These intelligent animals are highly curious and playful in nature.

Hedgehogs: There are 16 species of these mammals, which are found in Asia, Africa, New Zealand and Europe. These are distinctive because of the spines on their back. The most common species that are domesticated are the White-bellied Hedgehog and the North African Hedgehog. These make useful pets to have in the garden as they act as an effective way of pest control.

Pot-Bellied Pig: This is a domesticated variety of pig that has its origins in Vietnam. These pigs are often kept as exotic pets in the United States of America. These pigs are intelligent and they do not like humans being over affectionate in nature.

Cats (Non-Domestic):
Keeping wild cats is illegal and this act may not really be fair on the animal. However, there are many groups of people who love to have this exotic animal at home!
Ocelot: This is a wild cat but its appearance is like a domestic cat. It was considered endangered earlier but off late, several attempts have been made to protect these species.

Leopard Cat: A leopard cat is almost as large as a domestic cat. This small wildcat is found in areas of Southeast Asia.

Toyger: This breed of cat looks like a mini-sized tiger. The breed was created to develop awareness amongst people about the conservation of tigers.

Wildcat: The wild cat is sometimes included under the category of the domestic cat. This cat is extremely timid and native to Europe, Africa and western parts of Asia.

Serval: This African wild cat is mainly seen in the savannas. This beautiful animal is a protected species in many countries.

The Holland Lop: This rabbit is one of the smallest of its species. This is also one of the most popular breeds as it rates very high as a ‘cute’ pet.

Sugar Glider: These possums can be bred in captivity and a large number of these species are sold legally as well as illegally. Sugar Gliders are a protected lot in Australia where it is illegal to keep them or capture them without a license. Capturing a Sugar Glider is allowed only for research.

Reptiles and Amphibians:
This animal is actually a lizard that is found in tropical areas of South and Central America. There are two species of the same out of which one is popular as a pet –

Green Iguana: The Green Iguana is bright in color and is amongst the most in demand as an exotic pet. However, there are many rules being implemented for the breeding of this species for e.g., it is illegal to breed or import the Green Iguana as a pet and one can face charges if found guilty of the same.

African Dwarf Frogs: This frog is native to the Sub Saharan region of Africa. They are rather tiny in size and can be bred with some tropical fish as well.

Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad: This is a tiny exotic animal that belongs to the frog species. Often, these frogs are founds as pets and can be recognized due to their bright green color.

American Green Tree Frog: This is a very popular species of frogs kept as pets. Exotic pet lovers can keep up to three frogs in a terrarium.

African Clawed Frog: This species of frogs are relatively easy to keep as pets hence their popularity is on the rise. These species are found throughout the regions of Africa.

Newts: These amphibians are quite popular as pets. But due to the destruction of habitat, their numbers are on the decline. Therefore, in the UK, these are a protected species and possessing newts without a license is considered illegal. There are nine of these species that fall under the strictly protected series.

Snakes are also considered as exotic pets by many. Often, these are bred in captivity, as they tend to be easier to handle.

Python Reticulatus: This non-venomous snake is found in areas of South East Asia. It is known because of a very complex pattern on its body. It is not known to attack humans, however, it can do so when it feels threatened. These species are growing in demand for captive breeding.

Corn Snake: Also known as the Red Rat snake, it is distinguished because of the small pattern on its belly side that resembles a corn. Being rather quiet in nature, these non-venomous snakes are quite popular as pets.

Box Turtles: Box turtles are distinctive from others because of their dome shaped shell. It is recommended to avoid having box turtles found from the wild as pets. These species are pretty much affected due to changes in surroundings. They need to be handled carefully.

Yellow Mud Turtles: These turtles are found in the central areas of the United States. Yellow Mud turtles tend to snap at people or bite when kept as house pets.

Praying Mantis: This insect has been given the name due to its prayer-like stance. It is legal to have certain types of Praying Mantis at home, which are native to the place, but in case of non-native species, the same could result in a fine.

Scorpions: Scorpions are most feared for their deadly venom. The large Emperor scorpions are amongst those exotic species that are treated like a pet in the homes of certain people!

Hermit Crabs:
The Hermit Crabs are not directly related to true crabs. They are often noticed carrying an empty seashell on their back, which they withdraw into whenever they feel threatened.

Scarlet Hermit Crab: This type of Hermit crab has a bright yellow body. It is one of the most popular species used as an exotic pet.

Common Hermit Crab: Also known as the Soldier Crab, it is seen in rocky areas as well as sandy shores.

Tarantula: These hairy and large spiders are surprisingly kept as pets! Their bites are of course, deadly to humans.

These were some of the exotic animals also kept as pets; although many of them would be happy when in the wild. It is up to us to use our intelligence and believe in ‘Live and Let Live’.

Facts about Strawberries

Facts about Strawberries

Strawberries, the small red fruits clad in scarlet red, dotted with tiny seeds and wearing green little caps, make one of the most deliciously attractive fruits on Earth! Strawberries come in different varieties having different colors, flavors and shapes. Reportedly, the United States was the greatest producer of strawberries till 2005. California has around 700 strawberry growers and it produces strawberries on over 20,000 acres of land every year. Spain followed the United States in the list of strawberry producers worldwide. Look at some of the interesting facts about strawberries

Facts about Strawberries

How did a strawberry get its name? Some believe that the name hailed from the practice of placing straws around the growing strawberry plants. Other say that the name evolved around 1000 years ago from the word, ’strew’ that means ’spread’, applicable to runners that spread outwards from the strawberry plants.

Strawberries belong to order Rosales, family Rosaceae and genus Fragaria. The word, ‘fragaria’ comes from the Latin word meaning fragrant. Italians call strawberries by the name ‘Fragola’. Interestingly, strawberries are not fruits. They are enlarged receptacles of the flowers and are hence known as a secondary fruit.

Strawberries are planted during the months of September and October. Strawberry plants are handpicked after every three days. This is the time required for a strawberry to change its color from white to red. On picking, they are cooled and delivered to the markets in refrigeration.

Strawberry is the only berry that has seeds on its external surface. The other berries have seeds inside. A single strawberry has 200 tiny seeds. They are also the first ones to ripen in spring.

Strawberries are low in fat content and calorie. They are rich in vitamin C, fiber, folic acid as well as potassium. They can reduce the risk of cancers and heart attacks. Strawberry intake helps in the reduction of systolic blood pressure. Fresh juice from strawberry pulp helps in recovering from fever. Strawberry juice, if combined with honey can reduce inflammation. It has a curative effect on sunburns.

Originally, strawberries were known as heart-seed berries and eaten with cornmeal bread. The English and the French used strawberries to landscape their gardens. In the 14th century, Charles V of France had ordered 1200 strawberry plants to be grown in the Royal Gardens. It is said that Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII had a strawberry birthmark on her neck. It is believed that Madame Tallien, an important person in Emperor Napoleon’s Court, used to bathe with the juice of fresh strawberries.

Strawberries have since long been associated with love. Some consider strawberries as a symbol of Venice, the Goddess of Love. During the olden days, newlyweds were served strawberries. During the medieval times, strawberry designs were painted on altars and pillars of churches to symbolize righteousness. Some believe that on splitting a double strawberry into two and sharing it with the opposite sex may lead you to fall in love with him/her! A recent survey has revealed that those who love strawberries are of a fun-loving nature while those who hate strawberries are weird morons. You love strawberries, don’t you?

Lose 30 Pounds In 30 Days

Even when the motivation is there, the diet right and the program perfect, you can only lose three pounds of fat in a week. The body can physically metabolize only that much; beyond that everything is muscle or water. Ads give false hope to the severely overweight resulting in many quittig because they do not see the results that the ad promised.

There are some changes, which are seen in the people that had a few pounds to lose and put in some effort as far as routine and diet is concerned and now they look great. Those who have a lot many pounds to lose must do it through hard work and surely not in 4 weeks.

You could lose thirty pounds in thirty days, but first, you should first know the dynamics of dieting. in order to attain healthy, lasting weight loss, you should first know the dynamics. Losing weight takes time, but successful and lasting weight loss involves a change in lifestyle without starving yourself, taking pills or eliminating carbohydrates.

Dr. Nancy Parker, a healthcare professional, says that we need to rethink the metabolic process as it converts food into energy. As we age, the process slows down year by year, and if we won’t balance this change by adjusting our eating habits and doing regular exercise, we will slowly gain weight.

You have to tell yourself that you just can! You need to believe that the goal can be reached. You have to follow three basic rules, firstly, drink excess water. If you are taking less than 8 glasses a day, you have to increase this level. Water also acts as a natural appetite suppressant.

Dr. Peter Swan, of Michigan says, “Drinking water before meals won’t add any more pounds to your weight. To the contrary, if you do not drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day, your body will become dehydrated. Afterward, when you finally do drink, it will retain the water and store it for future use, which explains why we sometimes feel bloated and weigh more. Drinking water is very important for hydration of the human body, and the body will not retain an excessive amount.”

Eat more balanced meals consisting of fibers, carbohydrates and proteins. The main source of energy in our diet is carbohydrates, while proteins burn fats.

If you think that by skipping meals you are going to reduce, you are wrong! If the body does not get a constant supply of regular meals, it thinks it’s starving. So, it starts storing anything after that as fat for later use.

Three basic steps toward this aim is drinking excess water. Water makes up about 80% of our bodies, we need to consume enough water throughout the day.

You must eat more balanced meals consisting of carbohydrates, fibers and proteins. The main source of energy in our diet is carbohydrates, while proteins burn fats.

Don’t to the most common mistake of skipping meals. The most common mistake done for losing weight is omission of meals. The metabolism needs the uniformity of regular meals; without this, the body thinks it’s starving and everything the body takes in after that it stores as fat to be used later as an energy source.

Exercise a must in your lifestyle: daily workouts will burn the excess fat. Choosing the type of exercise can help you reach your goal and lose thirty pounds in thirty days, and make your dream come true.

Choose Your Tomato - Secret Tips for Selecting a Variety

Today, many different tomato varieties are available to grow as the result of selection and hybridization. Differences between varieties include growing habits, types of fruit, and whether they are heirlooms or modern day.

Basic Plant Growing Habits

The four main growing habits of tomatoes are determinate, indeterminate, semi-determinate, and dwarf-indeterminate.

Determinate tomato plants are bushy and up to 3 feet tall, needing little or no support. The majority of their harvest ripens early and quickly, as little as two weeks. After harvest, determinate begin to yellow and produce less fruit. The small size of this type makes them convenient indoors, their sudden short harvest makes them good for canning and similar purposes.

Indeterminate tomato plants are the most common tomatoes grown. Their tall and branch growth can be caged, staked, and pruned. These plants are branch, forming suckers in between stems. Fruit is produced regularly and in fair climates life cycle is unlimited. Indeterminate tomatoes are desirable indoors for their constant supply of fresh fruit.

Semi-determinate plants have growth habits in between determinate and indeterminate types. At three to five feet tall, they are shorter than indeterminate. They also have fewer suckers, and need less pruning. Fruit is produced much longer than determinate, but not constantly like indeterminates. Smaller plant size and longer harvest make these a more practical choice than determinates indoors for most people.

Currently the newest type is the dwarf indeterminate, also known as an indeterminate short internode (ISI). As the name implies, these plants are like indeterminates in most ways, except smaller. Distance between leaf nodes is shorter, so this plant stays a compact four feet tall. Like indeterminates, fruit is produced continuously. Short, easy to maintain vines and a continuous harvest make this perhaps the most exciting choice for indoor tomato gardeners.

Different Types of Fruit

Wild tomatoes once produced marble sized fruit, with few colors. Cultivated tomatoes produce fruit with many different sizes, shapes, colors, and tastes.

Fruit size ranges from an eighth ounce up to several pounds. Shape can vary from smooth and round to oblong and to heart shaped. The largest tomato currently on record was a beefstake type grown in Oklahoma, weighing an incredible seven pounds! Tomatoes types are often grouped by both size and shape. These include currant, grape, cherry, plum, roma, pear, pepper, globe, beefsteak, and others. Small fruits like cherry are popular indoors for easy care and being ready to eat in one bite.

Tomatoes have many unique, delicious tastes. You can find sweet, sour, simple, acidic, fruity, tangy, crunchy, soft, and many more variations. Tomato taste is mainly determined by sugar and acid levels inside the fruit. Thickness of the fruit and the amount of pulp inside also affect taste and texture. While individual fruit can vary significantly in taste, so can taste buds among different people. Enough different tomato tastes exist to satisfy most preferences. Low acid, sweet, tart, balanced and juicy, imitations of other foods, and everything in between can be found simply by experimenting with what you like.

Heirlooms and Modern Tomatoes

All current Tomato varieties can either be classified as heirloom or modern. Both types offer unique advantages for different purposes. Their main differences are due to age and breeding methods.

Tomatoes created commercially before 1940 or otherwise passed through friends and family for several generations are considered heirloom tomatoes. These plants have been created by open pollination and selected either naturally or by humans. When selected, a few plants are chosen from a larger group for having the strongest of a certain desired trait. Because many of these were bred for taste and variety rather than mass production and disease or climate tolerance, heirlooms are an increasingly popular choice for home gardeners.

Many modern tomatoes are the result of newer breeding technologies. Hybridization and genetic manipulation have allowed tomato growers to create plants with disease resistance, climate tolerance, high production, round blemish free fruits, and other traits. Because many modern varieties have been bred for commercial interests, they are not very well known for taste. However, modern breeding methods are at least as effective as open pollination for emphasizing desired traits, including taste. It is therefore possible to find modern tomato varieties which will have great taste and other traits like disease resistance or climate tolerance. These plants present an option when environmental conditions make growing traditional tomatoes difficult.

Natural Alternatives For Panic Attacks

Home therapies date back to Medieval times, some cures have overcome millennia yet some have come and gone like a twenties fashion fad. Despite all this, home cures are still of paramount importance and they are used for all types of ailments. The nerve wrecking, anxiety or panic disorder is no exception and quite a number of alternative home remedies have been created to help elude the drastic disorder. Home therapies have a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Some cures are still around today while others are simply forgotten. The reason home cures survive is that some of them do work for various types of disorders. Panic attacks or anxiety disorder is one of the ailments that can be tackled by home remedies. Holistic cures have been passed down through generations. While the dubious claims of certain cures have come and gone, the time tested cures that do work are still being practiced today. Panic attacks and nervous disorders are two of the ailments that have received a lot of attention in the field of holistic therapy.

Most home remedies are found in the comfort of people’s homes. It may sound unpractical to walk to every doorstep interviewing the residents for any known tried and tested remedies that help sate the ravenous appetite of anxiety and panic disorder but desperate times call for desperate measures. That is why a list of some home rehabilitation methods has been drawn up to assist those with anxiety disorder plights. The collection has various roots and aims at alleviating all those unpredictable and intimidating phobias that haunt the minds of those who are suffering from incessant anxiety attacks. Every household have its own unique remedies to try and control the debilitating effects of panic attacks, and while it’s not possible to go through each house to discover them all, a list of the common ways to bring relief are listed here. The purpose of this collected information is to help calm the mind of people who are suffering from persistent anxiety attacks.|Panic attacks can hit anybody, and over the years, each household has devised its own ways to treat the disorder. While it’s not feasible to go from house to house to learn them all, a short list of the common ways to treat panic attacks is collected here. Trying out some of them may be the fastest way to overcome persistent anxiety disorders.

A testimonial home remedy that encourages staring the phobia in the eye is communicating with one’s body. If you are in the middle of an encounter, calming the nervous system depends on acknowledging that you are hyperventilating. Talk to yourself and let yourself know that you are indeed experiencing the feelings that you are feeling and make it known that it is okay to feel that way. Once you free your thoughts from feeling caged, the heart rate immediately does down and you will restore that sense of cool, calm and control. Another highlighted remedy is drinking water. When in the middle of breathlessness gulp one or two glasses whilst standing upright, dehydration is an effect of hyperventilation and can be reversed by hydration.

One direct way of fighting the menace is self awareness. Let yourself acknowledge that you’re over breathing and allow the moment to pass naturally. By freeing your mind from being stifled, your heartbeat will soon go back to normal and you’ll regain control once more. Another solution is to drink water. In the midst of accelerated breathing, gulp a glass of water or more while in a standing position. Hyperventilation can make you dehydrated, and to counter that, you need to drink more water. When you’re hit by a panic attack, your breathing increases and you hyperventilate. It’s important that you do not try to hold it back and instead let the episode pass naturally. Tell yourself that it’s alright to feel like this. By practicing this awareness, your heart rate will gradually reduce as tension is let go and you’ll regain calmness once more. Another recommended action is having a glass of water or two. Hyperventilating can dehydrate the body and you’ll need to replenish the fluids quickly.

Some other types of panic attacks cure are more concentrated with vitamins, diet and all other health effects that are correlated to anxiety disorder. Lack of vitamins and certain minerals can also contribute to anxiety attacks. Calcium, magnesium and b-complex vitamins supplements are good for the body’s mental health whilst refined sugars – artificial sweeteners, caffeine – namely coffee, tea and cola sodas, alcohol and drugs are detrimental to one’s health. The science behind the avoidance of these particular types of food is that caffeine is a stimulant and it propels the function of the body. Escalated heart rate is also a component of anxiety attack and increased heart rate can trigger an attack. On the other hand alcohol and drugs are known to use up the body’s supply of vitamins and nutrients during their metabolism. Another type of panic attacks cure concerns your diet and supply of vital nutrients. A deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals like calcium, b-complex vitamins and magnesium can trigger anxiety attacks. Try to avoid refined sugars such as artificial sweeteners, caffeine and sodas. This is because caffeine is a stimulant and can escalate the heart rate. Don’t consume too much alcohol and drugs as they can use up the body’s supply of vitamins during metabolism. Do you know that your body’s nervous system needs a constant supply of certain vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and b-complex vitamins? At the same time, avoid sugary drinks and caffeine. Coffee can be a stimulant that can trigger panic attacks. Avoid alcohol and other drugs whenever possible as they can drain the body’s vitamin and nutrient supply when metabolized, with all these helping in your panic attacks cure.

Since anxiety causes breathlessness some home remedies on breathing technique have been developed. For starters, find a flat surface and lay down so that you can initiate breathing from the diaphragm – also known as belly breathing. Perform the following simple procedure; while breathing in through the nose simultaneously push out your tummy gently then follow with some gentle and slow exhalation through the nose and suck in the tummy. The heart rate should slow to a steady pace. If you experience some slight dizziness or light headedness then stop for a second or two then continue with the breathing exercise. After performing the breathing exercise you can reward your bravery with a nice warm bubble bath, soothing music and a nice hot drink.

Anxiety can create a state of breathlessness. Find a flat surface and lie down to practice a belly breathing exercise where you breathe from your diaphragm, as air intake comes in from your nose, push your abdomen out at the same time. Then follow with a slow and steady exhalation through your nose while pushing your tummy back in. Your heart rate will gradually slow down. If you get light headed stop for a few seconds then continue. After the tension subsides, you can treat yourself to a warm bubble bath with calming music and a nice hot drink to reward your courage. When you feel the onset of an anxiety attack, quickly find a place to lie down and practice this breathing exercise. You breathe from your diaphragm by taking in air from your nose and expanding your tummy on inhale and then slowly exhale through your nose while deflating the abdomen. If you become light headed, stop for a few seconds then continue again. This belly breathing will naturally slow down the heart rate. As the panic sensation goes away, you can reward yourself with a hot bubble bath, relaxing music and a hot drink.

Another tried and tested panic disorders help method that has a legion of fans is using lavender essential oil. Dab some drops of lavender onto a cotton ball and put it in a lock zip-up bag. When you feel like you are about to experience an anxiety attack, draw the cotton ball to your nose and smell the calm and relaxing aroma of lavender. Lavender is a proven relaxing agent and will redirect the mind to a calmer state – aromatherapy always calms explosive and temperamental nerves. Some other remedies that people swear by are taking magnesium glycinate capsules and 500-2000 mg of niacinamide a day. They work the same as valium and other drugs but without the resultant side effects. In addition, a bottle of capsules costs far much less than the average bottle of valium.

Lavender essential oil is a tried and tested relaxing aroma, which can calm nervous tension and a tried and tested panic disorders help. Dab a few drops on a cotton ball and enclose it in a small plastic zip bag for use when anxiety strikes. A natural alternative to valium that works without the side effects is magnesium glycinate capsules and 500-2000 mg of niacinamide taken once a day. It’s a cheaper alternative and it works. The soothing aroma of lavender essential oil is a tried and true muscle relaxant as well as a great panic disorders help. Use a cotton ball and dab a few drops to be stashed away in a zip lock bag for use when you need it most. Instead of spending money on a valium prescription why not try a natural alternative without the side effects? You could opt for magnesium glycinate capsules and 500-2000 mg of niacinamide a day and they work the same as valium but they’re cheaper.

Holistic approaches are responsible for a number of traditional cures that are never outdated. Acupuncture, meditation, prayer and yoga are developed by experts and have always been around for those who are willing to try them out. Different people resort to different methods for the control of their disorder. The best way to find a cure that works is to be experimental and open-minded enough to give other practices the benefit of a doubt. Whilst some home remedies are restricted to people of a certain spiritual descent, Shiatsu and Tai Chi Chuan, there are other more universal treatments that are easier to adopt.

Holistic cures survive the test of time because they’re effective when needed. Meditation, yoga, acupuncture and prayer are refined by adepts and don’t cost a thing to try out. The best way to find out what works personally for you is to keep an open mind and try out some of the practices for yourself. While some practices like Tai Chi Chuan and Shiatsu are found only in certain cultures, other holistic therapies are universal and accessible to all. Alternative therapies can be complementary to conventional approaches, as they have been proven to work time and again. Meditation, prayer, yoga and acupuncture are techniques that have existed for thousands of years and they’re free to try out for anyone with an open mind. Find out what suits you best by experimenting. While Tai Chi and Shiatsu may not be available where you live, other forms of holistic care are widely available everywhere and easier to learn.

Golden Keys to Your Successful Web Site

Several billion pages are added to the web daily. Google searches 1 trillion unique URLs daily. At times you wonder if your efforts will ever pay off. Don’t be discouraged. There are a few golden rules that will ensure your success.

Every entrepreneur aiming to succeed in Cyber Space, wants to see their website as No. 1 on the Search Engines. To achieve this you need to do several things. First you must have quality content, plus a lot of hard work as the major cornerstones of your Internet success. Then you need to think outside the box. The Internet is based on logic, but it is often the illogical that takes you to the top. It often takes only that one whacky idea that works, for you to succeed.

You can look no further than the four golden rules of Patience, Passion, Perseverance and Discipline. Without these you will be just another number in the long queue of those who overestimate the short term results of their website and underestimate the long term results. The net result being, just as the tide is about to turn, they quit. They become disillusioned and abandon their project, just about the time the harvest is about to roll in. They abandon their dream.

There has been a lot written about long keyword tails etc. The secret is to find high traffic, low competition words. However, even when you have what you firmly believe to be a prospective goldmine in keywords, you still has to do the hard work to make the site a success.

When we came up with the idea of launching Win a Resort, with its once in a lifetime Blue Moon Opportunity, we were totally on our own. No one had done anything like raffling a whole resort on the Internet, let alone a luxury boutique resort on a tropical island in the South Pacific. While we had no competition, we had buyer resistance. The prize of Seachange Lodge Resort was too good to be true. It had to be another Internet scam.

With great enthusiasm we built version number one. It was built in a simple blog format, but it worked quite well. We managed to get it rise to a No. 3 page ranking on Google. We were so proud of ourselves, so we decided it was time to start to rebuild a new stand-alone site in Dreamweaver. This was quite a challenge all on its own.

Of course, as with most web masters find out, rebuild a site and the page ranking devastatingly falls away. There one day, gone the next. At the same time our Merchant Bank, which processes credit cards online, got caught in the financial fallout from the United States. Three and a half agonizing months followed. We were never given any reassurance the bank would return. Selling Blue Moon Opportunity raffle tickets on the Internet is classed as being High Risk. There are very few companies which will process credit cards for what they wrongly state as being a lottery.

1. We typed winaresort into Google - Total number of references 1,970. Only at slot 120 was there one small break.

2. Wendy Tendys - 4,100 References. Slot 113 before there is a break

3. Wendy Stenberg-Tendys - We hold up to slot 94 straight, out of 2,900 references

4. Lyn Thomas (our author name) - We hold up to slot 27 without a break out of 1,460 references

5. Seachange Lodge - We hold the first 19 slots out of 76,100 references

6. YouMe Support Foundation - We hold the first 20 spots before there is a break, with a lot more spots following on. Total number of references 349,000

7. Blue Moon Opportunity - We hold 6 slots out of 10 on the first page of Google, 866,000 references

8. Win a resort - We have the first two slots on page one out of 32,500,000 references

9. Tropical Islands - We hold slot number 27 out of 2,590,000

10. Wendy.winaresort - Our new blog only opened up a couple of weeks ago, has a full page on Google already

From our stats we see that Yahoo, Google and MSN Search Engine Spiders are all over us, picking up our new material every day. We have other keywords, but we need to do a lot more work on them.

The main key to all of this is dare to dream and dare to dream big. Fight for that dream with passion and everything you have in you and don’t let it go. Put in the hard work and you too will take your place among the successful entrepreneurs of the Internet.

List of Countries in Asia

List of Countries in Asia

Asia, one of the seven continents, is the world’s largest continent. Asia is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on the east, on the west by the landmass known as Eurasia, by the Indian Ocean on the south and the Arctic Ocean on the north. Asia is the most populous continent in the world, having over four billion people. That is, statistically, the continent is home to more than 60% of the world’s current population.

The earliest Asian Civilization dates back to 2500 BC. China is one of the oldest civilizations of the world. The Great Wall of China, a massive structure on the hills of northern China and one of the seven wonders of the world is the only man-made structure visible from outer space. The Asian continent has been through the World War II, the Vietnam War and Gulf War during the 20th century.

Some of the major languages of Asia are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi and Javanese. English is considered as an international language. The various religions practiced in Asia are Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Zoroastrianism and Shintoism. A few largest cities of Asia are Seoul, Mumbai (Bombay), Jakarta, Tokyo, and Shanghai. The Asian countries are divided broadly into South Asia, North Asia, East Asia and West Asia regions. Here we list the Asian countries and their capitals.

South Asia Countries

Country Capital
Afghanistan Kabul
Bangladesh Dacca
Bhutan Thimpu
Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan
Cambodia Phnom Penh
India New Delhi
Indonesia Jakarta
Laos Vientiane
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Maldives Male
Myanmar Yangon
Nepal Kathmandu
Pakistan Islamabad
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby
Philippines Manila
Singapore Singapore
Sri Lanka Colombo
Thailand Bangkok
Vietnam Hanoi

North Asia Countries

Country Capital
Kazakhstan Astana
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek
Tajikistan Dushanbe
Turkmenistan Ashgabat
Uzbekistan Tashkent

East Asia Countries

Country Capital
China Beijing
Japan Tokyo
North Korea Pyongyang
South Korea Seoul
Mongolia Ulan Bator
Taiwan Taipei

West Asia Countries


Country Capital
Bahrain Manama
Georgia Tbilisi
Iran Teheran
Iraq Baghdad
Israel Tel Aviv
Jordan Amman
Kuwait Kuwait City
Lebanon Beirut
Oman Muscat
Qatar Doha
Saudi Arabia Riyadh
Syria Damascus
U.A.E. Abu Dhabi
Yemen Sanaa

How Adware Works and Why People Hate It?

Are you an advertiser? Do you want to reach as many targeted customers as possible? Do you want to ride in the Adware-free software bundle? If you do, we will not judge you. However, it may help you to know that many people hate Adware because of the existence of illegal, disturbing, and unacceptable softwares otherwise known as Malware.

Before you decide if Adware will benefit you as a seller or as a customer, let us first understand what Adware is and why Adware needs to run in your computer. This may also help you understand if there are benefits of having Adware in your computer or Adware is entirely unacceptable.

There is always a positive and negative side in everything and thus, before you embark on taking a ride in Adware, understand what you are getting yourself into. This will ensure that you will avoid bad perception or distrust from your customers.

What is an Adware?

An Adware is software that helps your computers read advertisements. Often, people do not need to install an Adware but free softwares have an Adware in its background. This endeavor provides consumers with free software and some useful and targeted advertisements, which help customers and sellers to meet.

Adware is riding on free software. Thus, when you install your free software, and you agree to the terms and conditions of use, you are actually agreeing to the installation of the free software and the Adware as well.

What is Malware?

Malware is an Adware that does not take a ride on free software but instead illegally installs in your computer enabling its advertisements, mostly unwelcome advertisements. Malware likewise steals your profile and sells it to third party. Some Malwares may be blocked by your computer’s firewall. However, because many developers are experienced enough, some Malwares can disguise themselves and thus makes its illegal way into your computer.

What does Adware do?

Adware monitors your internet activity. It also reads your profile to ensure that the advertisements Adware will show is targeted to your need. Adware will therefore provide you with popup or pop-under advertisement of products and services that may interest you.

Technology savvy developers design Adware to monitor your internet activity. It will be able to differentiate similar keywords with targeted niche. You are therefore going to see advertisements that may interest you coming from the knowledge of your internet activity and your profile.

Good Adware needs to be installed with a software. Bad Adware or Malware on the other hand easily gets into your computer without you doing anything about it.

Good Adware is easy to uninstall or there is uninstallation software to cleanup your computer if you do not want to see advertisements.

Bad Adware or Malware on the other hand may be troublesome to uninstall and may possibly never uninstall.

They will cause your computer to slowdown and may present unwelcome advertisements.

Many people hate Adware but love free software. Do not feel bad and consider the Adware unscrupulous if you use freeware. Freewares do not go without cost. Someone has to pay for the freeware, and these are the advertisers.

If however you want software but do not want advertisements popping up in your computer, you may buy the software you need to use.

If you still want the free software then use free software from reputation developers. This way, you are sure that you will benefit from Adware that is bundled with the free software.

It may also help to use firewall to make sure that you minimize Adware issues in your computer. This is not foolproof but this will minimize the Adware issues you may encounter.

Easy Tips to Be an Effective Speaker

Easy Tips to Be an Effective Speaker

What do people fear most? Nope, it’s not ghosts or the dark. It’s public-speaking. Some people would rather jump out of a building than to speak in front of a crowd. They just freeze at the lectern.

Public-speaking need not be the death knell you imagine it to be. I would like to share some tips on effective public-speaking that I’ve gathered from my Toastmasters days. They would not turn you into a charismatic orator overnight but they would make you a more confident and effective communicator.

Make eye contact
Look at someone in the front, left, right, centre and back of the room. Do a sweeping glance at the whole audience from time to time too. And I mean really look them in the eye. Yes, making eye contact with your audience sitting in different parts of the room is crucial. You could really connect with your listeners, this way.

How do you make your audience register what you say better? Always state your point first followed by elaboration before re-iterating your point for emphasis – P.E.P.

Appeal to the Heart, not the mind
Yes, this applies even to fact-based presentations. Don’t just dish out the numbers, the statistics and the facts. The truth is; compelling case studies, persuasive storytelling and stories with a human angle; speaks to the audience and unlocks the key to their heart. In short, arouse their emotions.

Show how it relates to them. If your audience can identify with what you are saying, chances are they would more likely be convinced.

Honest emotions shows – if you don’t believe in what you are saying, chances are your audience won’t either. You need to put in emotional investment before you can convince your audience.

Be sincere and earnest – speak about something that you feel strongly about.

Vocal Variety
You don’t want to put your audience to sleep, don’t you? Do not drone on in a monotone. Vary your vocal variety – change the tone, volume, speed and pitch of your voice.

Specifically, this is how to make it work for you:

Tone – As we know, the same sentence expressed in different tones could convey vastly different meanings. Do you wish to show anger, disappointment, sarcasm, happiness or excitement?
Volume – Speak louder when you wish to emphasize something or for dramatic effect. Drop your voice to a whisper when you wish to sound secretive.
Speed – Speak faster to convey different emotions like excitement; speak slower to build up climax. Don’t forget the power of dramatic pauses. Silence is a powerful tool. Stressing on different words conveys different shades of meanings.
Pitch – High pitch generally denotes excitement or anger while a lower pitch indicates sadness or poignancy.

These are magical keys that unlock the door to an impactful speech.

6Body Language
Use gestures to help your audience understand you better but careful not to let them distract from your speech. Be natural, do not exaggerate. Make your gesture just large enough to be seen by everyone in your audience but not draw attention to itself.

So when do you use gestures?

To express size, weight, shape, direction, location – These physical characteristics call for the shaping of hands or pointing.
To emphasize importance or urgency – Punch your fist into open air to punctuate your point. You could also pounce on the lectern (but done with care so as not to seem affected)
To show comparison and contrast – Move both your hands in unison to show similarities, move them in opposition to show differences.

7. Mind Your Language
Use simple words, bombastic words put people off. Leave out jargons – they only serve to alienate your audience. Run through your speech to ensure that it is free from grammatical errors – they are not only jarring on the ears but distract from your message.

Keep these few tips in mind and see the difference it makes, the next time you’re called upon to speak. Be sure to nail that presentation in front of your boss too!

Social Network Websites: Money Making Friendships

Money Making Friendships

One of the biggest growth areas on the Internet are the Social Networks. The top Social Network websites have between 60 and 110 million monthly users. New sign up’s total over 250,000 per day. Up to 43 percent of Social Network website members have accounts with more than one site. (Rapleaf, 2008)

The obvious thoughts most people have regarding the increasing number of Social Network websites is that they’re places to meet people, find a date, marry a mate or just strike up some long distance Internet friendships. Then there are the few who learn and read about just how many people there are on these sites, in some cases spending one to two hours per day in some sort of activity, and see opportunity.

That opportunity potential is why many businesses have set up pages on the leading Social Network sites. Charities have done likewise in an effort to connect with people who could become contributors. Politicians at all levels have made having a Social Network page a rule rather than an exception. They all have realized that a strong “people connection” can quickly become a money earning connection.

The surprising truth is that this income earning opportunity is open to all. The Social Network sites have built a money making outlet for everyone. It’s waiting for the person to sign up and tailor their ready made spot the way that they want. While the vast majority use it to reflect their personality, likes and passions the mind that’s focused on making money has an entirely different opportunity.

Just as the Social Network sites have built what is needed to lay claim to a spot on the Internet, many have also created a variety of ways to earn money through these sites. The operators of these popular sites understand that for a business to succeed, partnerships and diversification with smart plans and choices are the key.

These partnerships make themselves available to every individual who is active on the web. Unfortunately it’s a small minority who hears their invitation. Even when someone sniffs out the money making potential on the Internet through Social Network sites, there are so many ideas and promises that the person feels like they’re playing Deal Or No Deal without a Banker giving them a financial escape route.

There are those who claim to have THE idea for getting rich. Just send them money and then they’ll send you instructions on what to do. When that idea falls apart the person doesn’t have to quit because there’s another and another and another making the same claims.

Making money on the Internet through the Social Network websites is not as difficult as many believe. It’s proven that there are people on these sites. The one challenge is deciding how to make your first impression with this market of tens of millions of people. That’s a pretty heavy decision. One wrong move makes a second chance with those tens of millions of people a wish and a dream.

The idea that information is power is certainly a proven one. There’s an available source of information and guidance featured in The Rich Jerks Earn From Social Networks E-book. The authors have studied in depth the ways that many set out to try to earn money through Social Network websites. They reveal the value of quality friendship connections versus thousands of friends along with the importance of a professional style and presentation, not spamming or trapping people, which will insure that visitors will return and the money making potential will grow.

The Rich Jerks Earn From Social Networks E-book presents tips and insight for the novice to the veteran Internet user. The reader is guided in how to set up their website and blog, insure that it’s attractive and useful to visit, what the mistakes that impact success are and how to create the money making elements that produce results..

Social Network websites have become a part of people’s everyday life. Those who understand this fact see it as an opportunity to make money. Just as with any business, it’s important to respect your customers. It’s very easy to throw buckets of ads at someone only to chase them away. True money earning success comes about when you invest some time, gain some knowledge and show some professionalism which invites people back over and over.