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Webhostingpad Coupon $71

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Powweb e107 CMS scripting and installation

The coolest thing with Powweb hosting is that you able to easily install the most popular open-source scripts. There are over 40 scripts available to be auto-installed in Powweb InstallCentral. For e107 CMS system installation, you can find it on your Powweb control panel > InstallCentral > CMS > e107.

Grub Street Interview: Matt Seinberg

“I’m glad Matt cares about radio,” says Tim ‘Byrdman’ Byrd, the legendary DJ. Kathy Cunningham calls him, the “Chief of Airchecks.” Click to read a rare interview, with Matt Seinberg, of Big Apple Air Checks.

Grub Street Interview: AJ Benza

The former New York “Daily News” columnist, now in Hollywood, writes for the screen and co-hosts “High Stakes Poker.” New York is my wife, says Benza. LA is my new stripper girlfriend. Click to read exclusive interview.

Grub Street Interview: Shadow Stevens

Go out on the street. Randomly ask 100 people, “Who is Shadoe Stevens?” Most will know. They might remember his radio work, “Hollywood Squares,” “Traxx,” “Dave’s World,” “Loose Cannon,” “Fred Rated,” “The Craig Ferguson show” or maybe “The Big Galoot.” Everyone knows something about Stevens. “Shadoe follows,” says John Rook, “in the footsteps of such greats as ‘The Real’ Don Steele, Robert W. Morgan, Larry ‘Superjock’ Lujack and Rick Dees.” Those are big steps to fill, but Sevens does it, easily. “Still,” says Rook, “he needs to learn how to spell!” “Stevens made it on television,” says Howard Lapides. “Shadoe succeed on game shows, sitcoms and in movies. He was one of the women and men of radio, showing the big shots we could do it all, and do it all well.” Shadoe Stevens has a first-class character, a first-class mind and his work product is first class. He’s a first-class role model. You need to know about Shadoe Stevens, so click and red.



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diy help and advice
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